In a male-supremacist society, female power must logically appear illogical, mysterious, intimate, threatening. “Witch” stands for all those unnamable shadow acts of disappearance and withdrawal, self-cultivation, and self-medication that elude the social and sexual order

Title: Heartbeats Artist: José González 11,759 plays

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The Virgin of Guadalupe gave me the delight of flying three nights in a row. I flew under the moonlight, over the fields and over the towns. Although my husband told me it were only dreams, I know it was real. I thank the Virgin for the beautiful and unusual experience and dedicate this retablo to her.

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Yes, there are going to be men who realize they have been abusers, harassers, and rapists. That is not going to be easy for them to hear. Yes, men are going to realize that the language that is a part of their everyday lives is degrading and violent. It will not be easy change their tongues. Yes, men are going to realize that the economic, political, and social clout they enjoy is the result of thousands of years of repressive laws and customs aimed at ensuring their dominance, and much of that has to do with causing physical harm to women to secure their silence. And that is going to be really, really uncomfortable to hear. The truth often is.

Title: U Don't Have to Call Artist: Childish Gambino 75,646 plays

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i love being latino and dramatic

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Nicki Minaj double covers for Dazed’s A/W 2014 issue.

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Conspiracies are definitely a white boy culture thing because women and poc don’t have to imagine an elaborate scenario in which the government fucks us over.

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Title: I Say A Little Prayer Artist: Aretha Franklin 6,775 plays

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Bibi, shot by Jens Ingvarsson.

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paradise; sept. 19, 2014

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Tampa, FL - 3.10.

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Taking care of babies, feeding people, nurses, cleaning bathrooms and offices. So much of this life saving care taking work is devalued and it is literally what makes the world run. To all the ‘cleaning ladies’ and the nannies, and the master chefs making magic everyday, you make us all more possible. #respectdomesticworkers #tipwell #keepitcleanwherepossible

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