Mural by Dolores Huerta 

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Frida Kahlo on a boat in Xochimilco, one of The Coolest Places in Mexico City, 1936, photo by Fritz Henle

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The Blue Arch of a Mosque in Esfahan
Photo and caption by Tandis Khodadadian
Photographed April 2013, Esfahan, Iran

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Truisms / Jenny Holzer

Calm is more conducive to creativity than is anxiety
Emotional responses are as valuable as intellectual responses
At times inactivity is preferable to mindless functioning
Guilt and self-laceration are indulgences
Listen when your body talks
Rechanneling destructive impulses is a sign of maturity
The only way to be pure is to stay by yourself
You are responsible for constituting the meaning of things
Pain can be a very positive thing
Turn soft and lovely any time you have a chance

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Todd Hido

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Title: Girl Artist: Jamie xx 4,392 plays

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Title: Childs Play (feat. Chance The Rapper) Artist: SZA 8,852 plays

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Ettore Sottsass
Casa Olabuenaga, Maui, Hawaii, 1989 - 1997

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Léa Seydoux - Prada Candy Florale Perfume - 2014

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This is an old video from 2009 that somehow only has 700k views, but it’s so worthwhile. Basically, Neil DeGrasse Tyson is on a panel, and during the Q&A portion an audience member asks them to address theories that women are less involved in the sciences because they’re genetically different than men (start at 1:01:30).

There’s a moment of chatter and uneasy chuckling and then Neil steps up and talks about what it’s like to be black in the sciences and it’s dank af. Patient man, sweet man.

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